Boats Galore!

In Week 6, all the Year 3/4 students from The Bookworms’ school went on an excursion to investigate boats. Our Inquiry this term is All in the Same Boat and we are designing and building boats. To help with our designs we visited Williamstown, the Polly Woodside and Station Pier to view as many different boats and ships as we could. We saw heaps! We took notes and did sketches of ideas for our own boat designs. It was a fabulous day!

Have you ever been on a boat or ship? How was the boat powered?

Wrapper Free Lunch Day by J & J

healthy lunch


On the 16th of September we had Wrapper Free Lunch Day. On Wrapper Free Lunch Day each class got a pink plastic bag, they had to try not to put rubbish in the bag. The class that had the most rubbish (¾ ST) had to collect rubbish at snack play and lunch play, the class that had the least amount of rubbish (2 CL) won a fruit platter.


The reason why we did Wrapper Free Lunch Day was because our school was filled with rubbish and to prevent kids from littering. Some students were picked to count the rubbish in the bags to select the class that had the most rubbish and the least rubbish.


On the 17th we announced the class that had the most rubbish and the least.


Have you ever had Wrapper Free Lunch Day?

Magic Milk by B & K

On the 16th of September our class done an experiment. We had to find out what would happen if we mixed milk, detergent, food colouring, vinegar and bi-cab soda together.

  1. First we poured the milk inside the bowl.
  2. Then we poured a few drops of food colouring in.
  3. Then we got a kebab stick and sticked it in the detergent bottle.
  4. Next we sticked the kebab stick on the drop of food colouring.
  5. Whilst we done that the food colouring started exploding kind of like fireworks.
  6. Then after that we got to pour in more food colouring colours.
  7. After that we poured in vinegar and bi-cab soda.
  8. When we done that it started bubbling up.

After our experiment the room started smelling yuck because of the vinegar.



What science experiments have you done?

Athletics Day by JD and SC

I jumped out of bed feeling excited. I just remembered that it is Athletics Day. The first event of Athletics Day was Javelin for the 10 year old girls. A girl in our grade came second for blue house. Next was discus. Our teacher Mrs Hole was measuring how far we threw the discus. My favourite event was relays because my friends S.C, M.M, were in the relay. I was in it too. It was time for the results … in fourth place were Blue House. In third place… was Gold House! In second place was… Green House and the winner was Red House! Now people’s legs are really tired from Athletics Day.smiley

 Have you ever had Athletics Day in your school?

Ice Cream Fractions


We made ice cream fractions first the grade 4s made them then the next day the 3s made them. We used colour paper, Ice cream scoops, paper bowl.  We coloured the ice cream scoops and the bowl. We glued it on the colour paper then we needed to write the fractions of flavours on the bowl. Then we are done and we hung it up.


Have you made ice cream fractions before?


Egg Craft


Last week of Term 1 we did an egg craft activity. The egg craft activity is where you save a real egg falling from 2 metres in our playground. It was so much fun. We had to bring cardboard and bubble wrap and paper bags. We got to work in partners. It was awesome. Our egg survived!

Have you ever done an egg craft activity?


Egg Crafts

egg man

In Term one we did egg crafts. It was lots of fun. I did it with the whole class. Everyone had a partner. My partner is my friend S. she was in my class in grade 1, 2 and 3. I hope she will be in my class in grade 4, 5 and 6. We made the best craft ever together. It looks like a bunny. It is a she. Her name was Isabella.  We went to the bridge to test it out. Finally we finished it. Survived!

Did you do an egg craft before?



Shot Put


I like P.E. because shot-put was awesome to learn. What you do is you grab a heavy ball. You spread your legs out and place the ball on your neck and push. Then grab the ball and pass the ball to the next person.


Would you like to play?